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The End of Purity Culture-3 truths to replace false assumptions we learned from the youth group.

Posted in Relevant Magazine on September 10, 2015 by Talli Moellering and Natalie Floyd.

Sign a pledge. Get a purity ring. Save yourself for marriage.

It seemed like a pretty simple formula to follow if you grew up in the Church. There were rallies, talks and Bible studies, all cheering on students simply to wait. […]

Sexual Risk Avoidance: Conversation Starters

Check out my Blog post that was published via Care Net for all the Pregnancy Centers across the country.

Back in 1992 I started as a client advocate at a local Crisis Pregnancy Center, often referred to as a CPC. During my early days as a volunteer, I recall the Executive Director consistently asking me […]

Spring Break, Prom, Graduation, and Summer

The school year is quickly coming to a close, which, for teens, means prom, graduation, summer, and freedom. In my parent trainings I share the teens definition of freedom compared to our definition of freedom, but for this conversation, let’s talk about prom, graduation, summer, and at-risk sexual activity. Whether you realize or not, there […]


One of the unique and sometimes challenging things about today’s interconnected culture is that it allows tweens and teens to gather information and establish relationships beyond their immediate circle of home and school. It’s hard for us to monitor who our teens talk to when they’re poking at a cell phone keyboard. It’s even […]

Peer and Pressure Proofing our Teens

Peer proofing our teens is not very easy in our always on social networking driven world. We all hope and pray we have given our teens the skills and resources to handle life on a day-to-day basis but we’re also fully aware of the fact that we can’t control our teen’s environment like we could […]

The “Feelings” Myth

One of the most concerning relationship concepts currently being promoted in our culture is the “feelings” myth.  Do our teen sons and daughters know that relationships, love and marriage do not hinge on feelings or what I would term emotional ecstasy? Feelings can definitely help point a teen in a healthy direction, but more often […]

But you don’t mention the Bible!

I hear it over and over. A young girl will come into the clinic and get her positive pregnancy test result and as she processes through her shame and confusion she will often mention her parents and her faith.  It’s sad! So many young people within the body of Christ seem to be wounded and […]

Tuesday Talk: Are our teens being proactive?

How is your teen son or daughter doing with being proactive? Does your teen understand what it means to take responsibility for their life? As your teen gets older they somewhat carry the remote control to their lives. They get to choose the station, channel, show time for their future. Reactive people allow other people […]

Unconditional Love

Raising three daughters has taught me a lot about love. As our girls get older, our youngest is now 15, I've realized how unbelievably important it is for our girls to hear about God's unconditional love.  We've experienced the puppy love stage in our home, the 'he's really hot' stage, and the 'I thought I […]

Tuesday Talk: What would you say?

If you have an opportunity to share the effects of sex outside of marriage with your teen son or daughter, what will you say? Consider these suggestions:

Teen and college sexual activity tends to lead to the couple breaking up, rather than staying together.
Often times, young people don’t want to marry the person who has had […]