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Tuesday Talk-The Pregnancy Test is Positive

Sandra's story: At the age of 21, Sandra shared her story of sadness and grief.  When she was 17 years old she was the homecoming queen, a cheerleader, and a small group leader at her church. She started to date a guy that was 3 years older than her and she found out she was pregnant 3 […]

Tuesday Talk- We don’t all agree on the solution, but we all agree there is a problem.

As parents, when we went through the teen years, the world was a bit more simple.  It might be a mental and emotional stretch, but if we take a moment to remember what it was like, going through puberty and adolescence, we probably don’t have too terrible of memories. The arrival of oily skin and […]

How Far Is Too Far?

The most common question I hear from kids is “What can I do?” They really don’t want to know what they can’t do, they want to know what they can do. In my book I talk about this in more detail but here is a brief thought for parents to process through.

Most kids from […]

Tuesday Talk: To direct or not to direct?

Sex education in the public schools for the last 20 years has been a bit of a controversy and at times a national disaster.  There are two thoughts: should we use a directive approach or a non-directive approach?

A non-directive approach states there are a lot of options and our teens need to be able […]

Tuesday Talk: When one moment outwieghs what could have been.

My Message to the Parents of Teens

     I’m only 17 years old and I had an abortion this past spring. My baby would be a few months old if only I had the strength to stand up to the social pressures and just give it a chance at life and love. I know a […]

Tuesday Talk: Let the Pruning Begin!

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to the South was the Kudzu vine. I grew up driving through the Atlanta area at night to avoid the traffic, so I had never really noticed it before moving here.  I probably saw it but I didn’t know how threatening it was and how it grew. […]

Tuesday Talk: Raising our teens in an R-rated world.

Early in my marriage I was taking a walk with my mother-in-law discussing how difficult it was to raise kids in this R-rated world.  I was complaining about raising three daughters under the age of 5 in a world that offered shows like the Power Rangers.  I recall being so offended that they allowed a show […]

Tuesday Talk: Will you go with me? Circle one: yes or no

Interesting perspective from a 12 year old boy. “Most of my guy friends are not interested in girls and don’t even notice them, but I’m more than interested, I think about girls all the time.”

The late pre-teen years and the early teen years are full of physical changes. The physical changes are kind of […]

Tuesday Talk: Have you discussed the “one and only” concept with your teen son or daughter?

A “one and only” dating philosophy could lead to a lot of unhealthy choices.

Teens, especially teen girls, embrace a concerning notion that there is one person that will sweep them off of their feet and magically “complete” them.  This “soul mate” mindset can dangerously complicate an already complicated stage of life.

As adults, it […]

Tuesday Talk: The Teen Dating Scene

Teen Talk! A young girl’s perspective.

Becoming a teenager is not quite what I anticipated it to be. I consistently feel pressured to “go out” with someone and to have a boyfriend.  Most of the conversations I have with my friends revolve around boy / girl stuff: what we want to try or what we […]