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Tuesday Talk: “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

Teen sex promises satisfaction, but does it really satisfy? Advertisers use sex to sell their products. Retailers use immodesty to train our teens to want the up-to-the-minute fashion upgrades. Film makers promote hooking up to keep our kids going to the next blockbuster hit… In short, the world our teens are growing up in wants […]

Talli’ism’: Breaking up is hard to do!

I heard from a friend this week, she was one sad mom, her son was "dumped" by his girlfriend and she is struggling as she watches him go through the emotional hurt and embarrassment. We all recall being dumped, or being the dumpee; both sides are difficult in one way or another. Feelings are hurt and […]

Tuesday Talk: Time Alone

Your son is 17 years old and he's dating a 15 year old. He's a responsible young man and the girl he's dating is a great young lady. You have met her parents and you seem to have common thoughts about the teen dating scene.  They have been dating for a while now, almost 4 months, so […]

Risk Management or Risk Removal?

The following directive program characteristics show a great deal of promise when implemented consistently within the school setting:

Demonstrating refusal skills to help teens resist peer pressure situations.
Introducing healthy character traits that stress universal values.
Emphasizing the value of family communication and parental involvement.
Accurately defining sexual activity and identifying any potential dangers.
Addressing […]

Worth the wait!

Was God's intent to make young people miserable when he designed emotion, physical, and sensual interactions to be kept sacred for marriage? I don't think so. Scriptures share that His intent was to provide young people with an opportunity to experience the fullness, beauty, and mystery that can only be experienced through married love as […]

An inconsequential, happy-go-lucky activity or pastime….

Remember the old television show, “The Love Boat?” Within the span of an hour (commercials included) a man and woman met, fell in love, often had sex (it was at least insinuated), and lived happily ever after. As delusional as that was, that’s tame compared to the messages kids get today.

Consider these mind-boggling reasons, provided by teens, when asked why they engage in sexual activity:

“If I do it, my friends will think I’m cool.”
“If he paid for the date, I’m obligated to have sex.”
“I get the high five in the locker room if I ‘get some’ over the weekend.”
“It’s not like sex […]

A teen can choose their sexual choices, but can’t choose their consequences

Social media trends promoting teen sexual promiscuity provide an interesting predicament for parents. Such trends claim a teen can choose their sexual choices, but neglect to mention they can’t choose their consequences. As parents we need up-to-date details on what’s relevant and how to relate. Talli Moellering has presented to over 10,000 teens and parents […]

Where We’re Going, What We’ll Cover, & Why

What We Parents Want for Our Teens Parenthood – what a responsibility … but what joy! It’s teaching our children to walk and talk, tie their shoes, throw a ball, ride a bike, recite ABCs, and love to read. As they grow, it’s teaching them to drive a car, handle money, cultivate wise friendships, and value themselves.